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Vaulting Clinics, Performances 

Instruction for Film & Commercials

Please contact us to discuss details and scheduling for your upcoming event or production.


Release Forms

Please download, fill in and print one Release Form (2 pages) for each child and adult visiting our facility for the first time or participating in an introductory lesson. Please bring your completed forms to your lesson and turn in to the coach before your lesson begins.

What to Wear to Class

- Form-fitting t-shirt and leggings or sweatpants.

- Running/tennis shoes for warm-ups, stretching and getting the horse ready

- Vaulting shoes for vaulting (water shoes, ballet, tennis, or other soft soled shoes may be worn to the introductory lesson and first few classes)

- Hair should be pulled away from the face. Long hair should be in a ponytail or bun.


What to Bring to Class

- 1 release form (2 pages) for each child/adult participating in a class or visiting our facility for the first time. (see PDF release forms at the top of this page)

- Water bottle

- Healthy snack

- Jacket or warm sweatshirt for cooler days

- Sunscreen when applicable



Please don't hesitate to call, text or email with any questions or needs you may have. One of us will almost always be available to answer your call:


Devon Maitozo (head coach/founder): 


Specialty Vaulting Classes
Vaulting Classes
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