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Kalyn Noah
2018 F.A.C.E. WEG Team


Kalyn Noah has been an equestrian all her life and an internationally competitive vaulter for 14 years. She began vaulting at the age of 16 with Sundance Vaulters. In 2004 Kalyn was recruited by coach Katariina Alongi of Coastline Vaulters where she went on to join the squad bound for the World Championships in Stadle Paura, Austria. Her squad brought home a bronze medal that summer, and the experience ignited a lifelong passion for squad vaulting. Since then, Kalyn has founded two vaulting clubs in Texas and Canada, won multiple national titles in squad and pas de deux, and has represented the USA at three World Championships. Vaulting became her way to self discovery through avenues of music and horses. Kalyn continues to be an actively competitive vaulter, clinician, and coach. She strives to foster the willingness to be fearless and creative in her students, and to help develop a love for harmonious movement with horses. Kalyn joined Free Artists Creative Equestrians in 2016, and is proud to be a part of the vision to display vaulting with an artful application of technical knowledge.



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