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Devon Maitozo
2018 F.A.C.E. WEG Team


Devon has been involved in the sport of equestrian vaulting for 36 years, having had an exciting individual vaulting career that included an individual world championship gold medal in 1998. Devon is the founder of Free Artists Creative Equestrians (F.A.C.E.). As the head coach, Devon has worked hard to make F.A.C.E. a hub for training and a competitive leader for this amazing sport for 17 years now. Devon is currently a trainer/ choreographer/ performer, and competitor with F.A.C.E.  When asked what his motivation for all this is, Devon’s answer is clear.  “I like to see the theater in life. I am passionate about performance, be it through theater, dance, music, or film, and I love nothing better than to express those passions on the back of a horse.  I love sharing this as a trainer and teaching others to reach their potential.” Devon is dedicated to enhancing the sport by fielding teams and representing the USA on the world stage.  After more than a decade of international competition under his guidance, F.A.C.E. became the world champion team in 2010.  Devon’s squads had earned bronze and silver medals at championships over the years, not to mention countless other competitions overseas as well as domestically, but the ultimate prize had eluded him until that magical moment on 10/10/10 when the dream came true at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.  As their coach and teammate, Devon couldn’t have been prouder.  Although reaching the top had been a huge goal of his since he first started competing and coaching. Doing so has changed his perspective to understand just how fulfilling it is to share this amazing sport with new generations.

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