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Meet Our Horses


More than our partners in the wonderful sport of equestrian vaulting, we consider our horses at F.A.C.E. extended members of our family.  We work tirelessly to train them under saddle and in all meticulous care to ensure our equine partners are healthy and strong both physically and mentally.  This is not only in order to best support our program, but to also present the very best of equestrian sport.  Whether supporting the confidence of our beginners or the extreme sensitive athletic demands of our high performance program, we put all effort to make safety and horse welfare our first priority.  We look forward to introducing you to our team of remarkable horses!  We are proud of how well they learn to care for our vaulters as well as their honesty in work to support the physical demands of our sport.  We not only believe you will develop a whole new level of confidence and trust with horses in general after partnering with ours, but with their "personalities" and general love of people, you may just fall in love yourself!   


Max may have first joined the F.A.C.E. club in the summer of 2015, but he quickly became the backbone of the program.  Devon received a tip from a friend in Arizona that there was what looked like a potential vaulting horse on a field somewhere in Tucson.  Well, a few videos and one spontaneous road trip later, and Max was on the road to his new life in vaulting.  Both kind and powerful, innocent and dignified, Max elevates all who grace his back with his own brand of confidence.  Max carried individuals his first year in the sport, but was already carrying the F.A.C.E. Junior team his second year.  Whether it's a photo shoot on the beach with our senior vaulters, or a little kids beginner class at the walk, Max is an example of why people love vaulting so much.  He is striking, but feels so comfortable to vault on that everybody feels better when they get on his back.  He just makes the sport better, one step at a time.  


Corentin aka Cimbasso

F.A.C.E. is proud to welcome our new partner in equestrian art, Corentin, (aka Cimbasso ). Imported from Germany on August 10th, 2017, Corentin is a Wurtenburger gelding standing 18 hands tall. Besides truly loving people and being a natural with vaulting, he is as sweet as they come. He has already settled into his new life in the USA and is thriving. We are all in awe and look forward to Corentin's bright future with F.A.C.E. and American vaulting!  

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