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Free Artists Creative Equestrians was founded in 2000 by Devon Maitozo as a hub for learning and artistic advancement for the sport of equestrian vaulting.  If you're unfamiliar with the sport, vaulting is best described at gymnastics on horseback, but it is so much more. At it's core vaulting is about confidence built through freedom of movement on a horse. At it's best it can be a stunning display of dance and acrobatics in harmony with our equine partner. Over the past 20 years FACE has been a competitive powerhouse for the sport it has also helped shape. We would love to share it with you!  Would you or your loved one like to learn to safely mount, dismount, and even stand with confidence on one of our well trained horses? Beginning vaulting classes or private lessons might be the right way to start. You may be more looking for the calm strength through mobility and release in our Yoga on Horseback class. Perhaps you would like to add equestrian stunt skills to your repertoire and safely explore your daring side with our Stunt Vaulting class. Maybe you even have the curiosity to challenge yourself to learn the skills of our competitive sport. Come watch or join a class! Regardless of your perceived limits, FACE can help you see potential over doubt. Fueled by the love of horses, a pursuit of excellence, we will reach for our best by learning what is possible on the back of a horse. This is expressed through our classes and collaborative projects in and out of the sport. As athletes in equestrian sport and performers of this unique Equestrian art-form, F.A.C.E. puts horse welfare, artistic exploration, and competitive excellence as our driving force. This approach has paid off too.  FACE solidified itself in the history books when at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky our TEAM USA Squad became the first and only American team to ever win a World Championships Gold Medal.  "Our focus on craft and artistry is the foundation of all we do, and we want to share this with our community and beyond." 

- Devon Maitozo

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